Bernelee, 21 years old, Treviso

Where and when did you complete your TEFL course?

I completed my TEFL course in May 2016, at Bay Language Institute in Port Elizabeth.

Why did you choose to participate in a TEFL course?

To learn how to teach English as a foreign language.

Where do you currently teach?

I am currently teaching in Treviso, Italy, at a language school called British Institutions.

How would you describe a typical day in your current position?

I tutor individual students (school children, university students & workers) of different levels at their own specific as scheduled. On Wednesdays, I travel to a local school where I give a lesson to an A1 level class of 13 students.


I work with Oxford New English file textbooks, as well as the PET textbooks (both teachers' book and students' book) that are given to me by the institution.

What was the most challenging situation you've faced so far?

An A1 student had trouble understanding me in English, so I had to use the simplest forms to explain the whole lesson to her.

What do you enjoy most about being an EFL teacher?

Everyday there is something new to learn about myself and my teaching abilities and skills, as well as the English language. I find that I often have to teach myself aspects of the language that I, as an English-speaking person, never thought about.


Also learning more about the Italian culture through my students has become so interesting and makes it feel less like a job than an enjoyable hobby.

Which advice would you give future EFL teachers?

Try to learn the language of the country you will be going to, so it can make talking to your colleagues and your boss easier if they don't speak English. It will also be a benefit to those students that start to learn English at beginner level. It makes teaching them much easier.

What is next on your bucket list?

I would like to teach privately at home, just to make extra money during my free time, so I am currently networking and trying to get some students interested. The demand is there so why not?

What do you think about when brainstorming about TEFL?

  1. Always consider the living costs of the country you would like to teach in.
  2. Choose accommodation near to your place of employment.
  3. If you can, try to travel to the country or do enough research before making your final decision about settling there.