What former TEFL students think about us...

Roelof (Dec '18-Jan'19)

What an amazing experience! I did the one month TEFL course... Fantastic, helpful, friendly and caring staff. It really felt like I was part of a very loving, warm family. The course was extremely well-structured, and didn't miss a beat! They look at, and give you helpful tips on EVERYTHING! It has opened my mind on so many levels, and boosted my confidence in AND out of the classroom 100%.

There are so many online courses out there, but I cannot imagine for a second how it could possibly compete with this one... there is just no way you could discover so much about yourself and learn so much from others (both the teachers with years of experience, as well as your fellow students with their very unique and diverse backgrounds) doing an online course. NO WAY!

This has truly been worth every second and every cent. I would absolutely recommend it, as it has been one of the best personal and professional development experiences of my life by far, not to mention the new contacts/network and friends for life. Thank you bli and I wish you all the best!


Megan (June-July'17)

Thank you bli for making my dream of traveling and teaching abroad a reality. The course was amazing, even the parts that seemed so frightening at first. I met so many awesome people that I will be keeping in conact with, no matter where we all end up. :)

Meghan (Dec'16-Jan'17)

I loved every day of my 4 week TEFL course! The staff at bli made me feel so welcome and comfortable. I am so excited to use the knowledge - and confidence - I have acquired at bli in my future travels!

Ray (May'17)

It was a great experience for me. Bli teaches more than just English, they design open minded EFL teachers. Thank you bli!

Mohmed (March'17)

It was a wonderful journey with bli! If I could, I'd do it all over again. Thank you guys for making this 4 weeks amazing.

Matthys (Jan-Feb'17)

Fun! Hard work! Empowering! Great people! Memorable!!!

Jason (Dec'16-Jan'17)

The teachers at bli are committed to giving you the best possible training, in a relaxed and comfortable environment. You will feel at home within 2 days of joining. A great experience that I would do all over again in a heartbeat!

Amy (Dec'16-Jan'17)

bli is a friendly and small learning environment which created a safe space to push my comfort zone and help me work on my people skills through interpersonal challenges and course work. My classmates were an awesome bunch, too!

Rushda (May'17)

What an amazing 4 weeks!

I absolutely enjoyed my stay at bli. 

The most amazing part for me was being challenged by our teachers to unleash our full potential during peer and practice teaching. Challenges assigned to us on the spot, and training practice in putting together our ideas and lessons within minutes and presenting them to the class has prepared us well for the major challenges we will face once we enter the teaching industry. Thanks for demanding nothing less than the best performance from us during training. It has made us realise our hidden potential, and for that I am really grateful to all our wonderful teachers at bli!

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Jamie (June-July'16)

I completed my 120 hour in class TEFL course at bli in June-July last year, and then continued on as a teacher there for another 6 months. Without bli and its amazing teachers and staff I would not be in South Korea teaching English right now! 
I learned so much from experienced and knowledgeable instructors, not only about English and EFL but about living and working in foreign countries, surrounded by strange languages and cultures. Thanks to bli I was prepared for my new life both in and out of the classroom. 
Whether student or teacher, local or foreigner, bli offers you a friendly, helpful, and supportive community in Port Elizabeth. I recommend any of their wide variety of courses 100%.


Thank you Shaun, Mel, Rae, Teacher Mark, and everyone else at bli !!