Teach online or in-class with a bli TEFL certificate.

Now available - enrol on our online blended TEFL course. Same quality, same tutors, different space.                                                                                               


And, for those who prefer to study in their own time, there is the option of a self-paced TEFL course, with really good packages on offer here.

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Blended online TEFL course dates

Virtual classroom course




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TEFL Accelerate

A high-powered TEFL add-on for people who need to develop the people skills required to be a truly great teacher - coming soon!

Self-paced online TEFL course

Is your schedule too hectic for the blended course? Then sign up for our self-paced online course - any time, anywhere, at your convenience.  

What is so special about a TEFL course with Bay Language Institute?

bli is a family-owned online language school that combines TEFL teacher training with English classes for international students. And, because of our relationships with these students, they regularly volunteer to be trial students for our TEFL practice-teaching sessions. In turn, this means that you, our TEFL students, have the massive benefit of hands-on experience in a virtual classroom, with observation and constructive feedback from your tutors.


We want to give you the best possible preparation for your time as an EFL teacher!

Course fees

Contact us for more information about fees for the different courses. 


Connect with us

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What you should expect from a TEFL course at bli.

Exploration and interaction

We practice what we preach, so don’t expect to be lectured or spoon-fed. Not much, anyway. We believe in that fundamental element of successful education, elicitation. During the course we interact constantly, discussing and sharing views on education, language learning, planning, grammar, the origins of English, destinations, cultures and more – all under the oversight and expert guidance of experienced, trained TEFL/TESOL tutors.



We have fun. We laugh. We build relationships. Simply because we know, from years of experience and success, that fun and learning go hand-in-hand. You don't learn from people you don't like. 


Hard work

You’ll need to work hard, so be prepared for late nights preparing for the next lesson or presentation. It’s worth it.


The deep end

You’re here to learn to teach. The best way to do this is to start during lesson one, or maybe lesson two. Be prepared to teach at the drop of a hat, or to plan to teach the next day. It could be a five-minute micro lesson, a half hour grammar point or a 90-minute conversation class. You’re going to learn to cope with pressure and have fun while you’re doing so.



Your tutors have a great love for teaching. Revel in it, and take in everything they share with you.



Learn from others: you’ll have the opportunity to observe each other, and sometimes some of our in-house teachers (when available) in action online.



You have to take responsibility for yourself. Be positive, and come with an open mind - it’s wonderful to see how much we can learn from each other.



We’re not going to find your job for you. There is so much opportunity out there, and we’ll share the details of placement organisations and TEFL/TESOL directories we have come to know over the years with you. Do some research, there is so much information available.