To meet the growing demand for quality courses, we're offering our well-known TEFL course online, so that you can become an English teacher and make use of the opportunity to earn a good living online.


Unlike so many recorded online courses (also known as self-paced courses), the bli online TEFL teaches you the real techniques and tools you need to teach English. We don't sit you down in front of a screen for hours to listen to lectures; we make you practice the skills you learn in our online practice teaching sessions, deliver presentations to your peers and discuss and debate classroom management questions and guidelines - for both physical and virtual classrooms. 


Our course is fun, interactive, practical and effective. When you've completed a bli TEFL, you'll know that you can deliver in the classroom.

There are three elements to our online, blended teacher training course:

Virtual classroom

Spend 60 hours per course in a virtual classroom with one of our expert TEFL instructors, discussing and brainstorming ideas around teaching, planning, classroom management and more.

Photo: Nathan Ansell

Assignments and self-study

Another 60 hours is spent on research, assignments, video presentations, planning and teaching - all designed to grow your skills and confidence.

Photo: Sarah Shaffer

Observation & practice teaching

You'll need to observe video recordings of experienced teachers in action, and record yourself teaching six lessons for assessment and developmental criticism.

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Online blended TEFL

Online blended TEFL course by Bay Language Institute

R 6,000.00

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In our online blended course, our focus remains on producing quality teachers who are equipped to do the job. Classes remain interactive and fun, with plenty of discussion and experiential learning. 


The course covers all relevant aspects of teaching such as

  • lesson preparation
  • classroom management
  • grammar and vocabulary development
  • teaching practice and observation
  • student profiles
  • teaching techniques
  • language awareness
  • course material
  • assessment and feedback
  • and many more.


We focus on ensuring that trainees  acquire the real skills they need to teach in the often difficult circumstances they may face in the EFL/ESL industry. Our school has developed a reputation for excellence in this field, with a course founded on interaction, creativity and elicitation rather than lecturing. Find out what our former students say about becoming and being an EFL teacher.